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My aunt was diagnosed with Addison's disease several years ago. The disease started unnoticeably and developed rather slowly. The whole family paid no attention to the first symptoms: tiredness, loss of appetite, low blood pressure. It all seemed to me separate symptoms of dietary changes, lack of sleep, etc. then when my aunt started feeling sudden pain in her back and her hands started shaking my dad (her brother) persuaded her to have some medical tests and screenings. It all took about 2 months before she was finally diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency and initial stage of Addison's disease. The doctor explained that if not treated professionally and on time the disease could be life-threatening. He put my aunt on several different medications but they caused unacceptable side effects - vomiting after every food intake, insomnia, sometimes her blood pressure could suddenly rise high and she had frequent bleedings at the nose. Then she was put on Florinef and the situation changed completely. The medication is a corticosteroid aimed to treat adrenal insufficiency and it is just perfect for its purpose. My aunts test results are much better with Florinef. Besides it causes practically no side effects. Just slight dizziness in the morning, which disappears when she eats something. We are all happy to see her condition improving and we hope the disease won't develop any further. And of course we are all very impressed with Florinef. Excellent drug for adrenal insufficiency.

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I developed a rash and after testing at the NY Medical College and Vanderbilt Center for Dysautonomias, we found my blood volume was not low (often the case with POTS patients) and the mechanism that florinef acts upon.

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You should not use the information contained here for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease.

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